Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Roommate

Our friend, Matt, moved in with us this week. I know, I know... Amy and I just got married. You would think we would want to establish our little love nest (BLECH!) all alone... just the two of us. Nah.

We have lived together for two years. We have a lovely home. That is big enough for a family of four. You think I jest. I assure you, I do not. I can also assure you that I came into this relationship with a fair amount of debt. Matt's financial contribution as our roommate will make a much needed dent in said debt.

Besides, I have always wanted to live in a commune.

Okay, not really. But sharing living space is a fascinating endeavor.

Amy and I have had to simplify some things to make the shift in adding an additional person to our household. In doing so, Amy has created her own space in our third room. Which is important. Everyone needs their own space. Especially Ames. Trust me.

And I have spent much time trying to figure out how to feed the three of us healthy, economic meals. Without shopping at Sam's Club. But I like the idea of planning menus ahead of time. And the pressure to make something other than mac and cheese for dinner (okay, we rarely eat mac and cheese, but you get my drift).

And then there is the simple fact that Mattie is a charming fellow. One of my closest friends, really. I feel lucky to get to spend this time with him before he graduates from USF in May and takes off to who-knows-where.

Besides, since Amy saw a snake in the ferns, she has a phobia of mowing the lawn. Drastic measures had to be taken.

So, if you are in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to visit the Kellogg-Russell household. There will be a cold beer waiting for you.


Blogger Estelle said...

I'll come!
I'll even mow the lawn regardless of snakes, if Amy kills my roaches so I don't have to cry.
This is my longest word verification ever... okuacobagmi. What the?

3:14 PM  
Blogger Dirty Pop said...

I was wondering... Will Matt be chastized for "cleaning the cleaning products?" Or perhaps "cleaning the toilet" with kitchen utensils?? just curious. Congrats on the new endeavor!!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

i'll come too--what a fun little household you have going there. Good thing Matt doesn't have any pets though--WHOA.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Sublime said...

I think it will be fun to have a roommate for a while, and when you're tired of that rommate I'll take him anytime! hehehehe what a yummy little fella! ;-)

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

Mikey and I had so hoped Matt would be our houseboy but you got him first.

Seriously - I am happy he's moved in - he's such a good guy.

Oh and if you ever need us to pick some stuff up for you at Sam's Club - we'd be happy too. *wink*

11:46 AM  

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