Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, Monday

You know how sometimes you are just plugging along through a Monday... just kind of neither here nor there about it... then SUDDENLY someone pops their head into your office to tell you it is ice cream social time? Yeah, that's what today was like.

No, literally. I had a brownie sundae with bananas, dark chocolate syrup and toffee sprinkles. Scrumptious. (but the word scrumptious isn't really scrumptious at all... definitely not an onomatopoeia)


Anonymous raginglily said...

OMG, I just came into the office and read an email telling us that we have an ice cream social tomorrow. Whaaaaat? I have to say, it's brills, because last week I was in a meeting making demands and one of my demands was an ice cream social. Now, if everytime I ask for something it comes true, I should ask for something bigger next time. Vibrating Ergonomic chairs for every desk... Now... Admittedly thats not the kind of chair you would expect a little puritan or pilgrim like myself to ask for. You would expect me to ask for a straight backed wooden chair that daily reminds me of my duties... But... Eh, feck it. I like my chairs like I like my shoes comfortable and somewhat ugly. -Lily (lame made up name) Greeen

9:51 AM  

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