Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring Break

No, no... don't be all jealous. I don't get spring break. But I AM taking a spring break from the blog. Blog. What a fun word... bloggitty, bloggitty, blog, blog.

See, told you I needed a break.

I will be back on May 1st. Woot!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yurt. Say It with Me. You Know You Want To...

I am in a mode. One of those types where I want to clean out everything in the house (read: give all the crap away). And I want to live a yurt. Far away from the minutiae that seems to bog down my life sometimes. Like right now. I want to wake up and go hiking. And read my Bible out on the front porch of my yurt (I know, I am upscale with the front porch). And gather berries and let the land sustain me (okay, now any of you who know me in person know that this part is really over the top. I couldn't spot a poisonous berry or plant if my life depended on it. Heck, forget sustaining myself off of the land... I would be happy just to get in my five servings of veggies a day)

But you know what I would settle for? Honestly. Not looking at the same stupid crap that has been cluttering up my house for the past year and a half.

*sigh* Maybe I should take up yoga again.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And Then There are the Times She Listens

Yesterday, I had a baby sickness. If you don't know what I am talking about, it means that you are NOT reading Finslippy. And that, my friends, is beyond tragic. But I digress.

For those of you who are obviously not hip enough to enjoy the ingenious writing style of Finslippy, I will enlighten you on the concept of a baby sickness. It is when you have no real symptoms except a slight fever and general weakness. Baby sickness. Because only babies get a little tiny fever for no apparent reason.

Having a baby sickness and staying home may SEEM like a blast. Oooh! I am not really that sick, so I can get some things done and rest. Ohh, maybe I will watch a movie, but probably not because I will be oh-so-productive, because I don't really feel sick. Except for the feverish feelings that keep coming and going. But I can rise above that! I can be productive.

No. you. can't.

I tried all day yesterday to reason with myself. Self, you don't feel that bad. Self, it won't hurt you to throw some laundry in. But then every time I listened to my inner taskmaster, I stood up and felt weak and sweaty. See? Baby sickness.

After lunch, Amy called me to ask if I had eaten lunch. I had. But I lamented the lack of chicken soup in the house. Surely, chicken soup can cure a baby sickness. It can cure your SOUL, after all.

So, Amy showed up in the late afternoon.... with FOUR KINDS of soup from a deli down the street. All that effort to defeat a baby sickness. That, my friends, is love.

I Am the Decider


"I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation. But I'm the decider, and I decide what is best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."
--G.W. Bush*

Brilliant that our president's retorts smack of kindergarten playground speak.

*Courtesy CNN

Friday, April 14, 2006

No, Honey, They Didn't Misspell Monday...

Last night there was a Maundy Thursday service at church. I was a little embarrassed when Amy asked me why they call it Maundy Thursday, and I had no idea. I made up an answer (of course!), but truly had no clue until Magrey explained the meaning of "maundy" during the service last night. Because I KNOW you are curious about all things that interest me, here you go:

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter. Christians remember it as the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and established the ceremony known as the Eucharist.

The night of Maundy Thursday is the night on which Jesus was betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The word "maundy" comes from the command given by Christ at the Last Supper, that we should love one another.

When I went to the service last night, I truly didn't know what to expect. I hadn't been to a Maundy Thursday service since my first year of college, which is longer ago than I would like to admit. I knew there would be communion, because it is the night of the Last Supper. But... would we sing? Would we focus on silent meditation instead? In the Christian calendar, it is one of the holiest nights of the year (if not the holiest). How does one honor such a night?

I had forgotten a key element of the night of the Last Supper: Jesus washed the disciples' feet. This was a completely selfless act of servitude. God Incarnate washed the feet of men who were flawed, selfish, judgmental ... people who are just like me. He performed this lowly task as an act of love. And then... and then... he commanded that we all love each other with the same selfless, sacrificing love.

It tears my heart to think about what that commandment truly entails. And to think what a better world we would live in, if we even tried to love like that. For a moment, I could see myself as one of the disciples, looking Jesus face to face as He washed my feet. And I know I am not even close to worthy.

Last night we washed each others' feet, as a symbol of self-sacrificing love. Of servitude. Of the desire to truly follow Jesus and share in His ministry of love and compassion.

I washed the feet of a twenty-something year old man I had never seen before. I poured water over his feet, and then carefully and gently dried them with a towel. When I looked up at him, there was a deep connection for a moment. An unspoken understanding of each other. And, of course, Christ knew about the intimate connection that compassionate, merciful acts, acts of love, foster...

To honor Christ's sacrifice on the cross for me, he commands that I love others the same way he loved me. The intensity of that love on this Good Friday takes my breath away.

*Taken from the BBC Ethics & Religion/Christianity page.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Greetings from the Third Rung of Hell (aka the place I work)

I really want a day or two off. A little mental-health vacation. I want to read some books, finally whip out that pilates dvd I bought two months ago, enjoy too much tea. Those sorts of things. I need to finish cleaning out my closet... I have given away a ton of clothes. Every time someone comes over, I send them home with some article of clothing that no longer fits me. See? It's a win-win situation. I don't have to look at clothing that makes me feel fat. And they get a door prize. Brilliant!

The coffee at work tasted weird this morning. I think they are trying to kill us. Hm. In other work related news, did you see this? Yup, that is where I work. Lovely place.

Perhaps I will take Monday off. It is Easter Monday, you know.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Not only has work today sucked donkey butt, but I also found out that I did NOT get the marketing job I had applied for.

How in the world could they have passed up my cotton candy pink toenails?!?


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My only news for the day... and I know how pitiful this is, so please don't tell me... is that I had chocolate milk (in a Thermos) and graham crackers for a snack. I felt like I should go hang out with all of the four year olds that were probably having that exact same snack this afternoon.

Yeah, today was a day I could have gotten into eating paste.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Funny, Funny Girls...

At one point this Sunday, after watching Lost for hours*, after the Chinese food but before the coffee, I had a huge giggling fit. The kind where I double over and can't really breathe. It was even funny when I stubbed my toe walking in to the coffee table and spilled coffee everywhere. Somewhere along this time, I looked at Ames and said, "My GOD, how long have we been together?!? I just can't imagine a time when we weren't just like this." And I really can't.

Amy and I began our relationship with hours upon hours of finding out everything there was to know about each other. No subject was taboo. We talked for hours almost every night for almost the first year of our relationship. And yet she continues to constantly surprise me. I am surprised by her level of empathy. I am deeply touched by her sensitivity to my beliefs. She is amazingly tender and outrageously silly, in turns.

Amy and I have a blast together. Truly. There are times that we absolutely cannot get enough of each other. And funny... oh my LORD, we think we are funny. I love how much she loves me, how often she makes me laugh, and how silly we act together.

Hey, Ames, wanna make out?

* SHHHH! Say nothing about Lost. We borrowed the first season and haven't finished it yet. We know NOTHING about the second season. So, www.zipit.com

Friday, April 07, 2006

Cute Little Barista

Making it through the days at work lately has become all about finding the simple (albeit small) pleasures of being on USF's campus. The campus itself is beautiful. And today when I walked outside, I genuinely was thankful for the blue skies, the sunshine and the palm trees. A perfect late Spring day (yes, April 7th feels like late Spring in South Florida), I felt like I should be doing a jig to show my appreciation. Instead, I grinned at everyone I passed on the sidewalk. Not that smile that says, "I will smirk at you because I think I should. But I will not get one iota of pleasure out of the non-verbal pleasantries we are exchanging." No, this was more like, "I am down with G-O-D! I am FILLED WITH CHRIST'S LOVE!"*

So, I am strolling along, and I pop in to Starbucks for a grande skinny latte. I love that they call it a skinny latte. It makes me think of skinny cows. And the barista has had WAY too much caffeine. Or sugar. Or maybe she is down with G-O-D? Anyway, she is bouncing behind the register. BOUNCING.

I heard her offer the older gentleman in front of me a sample of a Blackberry Green Tea Frappiccino. She didn't offer me one. She just pushed the sample slowly toward me, looking away as if she didn't know what was going on. Then she smiled at me and nodded, as if to say, "Go on... you know you want this green concoction with whipped cream and blackberry syrup. You KNOW you do." And more bouncing.

"Wow. No thanks," I say. But I am smiling, because... well... ADORABLE. She was just so happy. And chipper. And so much like I was when I was in grad school. So, I turn around to the two guys behind me: "C'mon. Ya'll know one of you wants this ... uh..."

"Blackberry Green Tea Frappiccino!" she practically chirps. All smiles, this one:
"Nah, nah, though. Straight up, I just made a few before my chemistry class. Usually they go so fast. But it's totally cool. You know, if you don't want it."

I am feeling a bit panicked at this moment, kicking myself for not taking the dang sample when she offered it to me. If anyone bursts this kid's bubble, I am going to personally kick their ass.

Then, out of nowhere, another customer swoops in and takes the last Blackberry Green Tea Frappiccino sample! And there was much rejoicing. No, seriously. The girl did a little happy jig behind the counter. And there was some whooping. And more bouncing.

Thank God for the cute little barista. Because of her, I have made it through one more day at work without playing in traffic.

* You are never going to get the inside jokes, if you don't watch Saved.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I know my posts have been a little slim lately. But, to be honest, this job puts me in such a foul humor that I don't even want to post. In fact, after I had revised THE SAME promotional material for a training SIX DIFFERENT TIMES TODAY, I im'ed Amy and threatened to quit right then. Fortunately, she knows I am pretty much full of crap when it comes to things like that. But, boy howdy, would it have felt good today to have told them to take this job and shove it.

And, yes, that song has been in my head all day.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ready, Set... DONATE!

I hate asking for money. In fact, I have never done a fundraiser where one must collect pledges to participate because, again, I hate asking for money. In fact, several times I have considered just scrounging up the $300 myself for the MS 150 Tour so that I didn't have to ask for money.

But then I decided that, if I am sacrificing my body to ride 75 miles ... well, maybe I could ask for some teensy, weensy little donations.... Pretty please?

All you have to do is click on the Happy Tortoise Cylcing Team logo below. I sure would appreciate it. And it is for a great cause.

Thank you to Snake, Cocoa, Tracie & the coolest Suburban Lesbian ever for donating already!


Due to Friday night's indiscretions, I spent most of Saturday feeling like I should be stuck to the tire of a semi truck. I woke up all, "We should go get breakfast! I am starving." Then, at the restaurant, I was all, "Uh... I think I am going to go for a little stroll in the parking lot ... you know, just in case things get a little... pukey." Fabulous.

I finally return from my stroll looking slightly less green. At this point, I am begging for mercy, searching for something that I will be able to keep down.

It just so happened that chicken noodle soup was the soup of the day. I eagerly order a bowl, thinking that its broth-y goodness is excactly what I need to soothe my stomach.

Except when it comes out, it is the color and consistency of corn chowder. But without the corn. And without the noodles that chicken noodle soup is famous for. Nope, this has some sort of dumpling mess in it. Mmmm.

Back to the lovely green hue.

I should have taken into consideration my gruel-ing morning (gruel-ing. heh. get it? The chicken noodle soup was like gruel... Boy, you are a tough crowd) when I was ordering dinner that evening. But I was just beginning to shake the queasy feeling (after many saltines). So I was all, "Oh, I know what will make me feel better! Soup!"

Okay, it was a seafood chowder. But I love clam chowder (both Manhattan and New England), so I took a leap of faith and ordered it.

Hm. Let's just say that we finally moved it to the END of the table, because no one could stand the smell of it anymore.

Ohh, I know, let's pretend we are in Ybor, having horrible food and crappy service! Oh... wait...

Monday, April 03, 2006

You Are Getting Very Sleepy...

Losing that hour of sleep this weekend is killing me!
Updates & stories from the weekend tomorrow. Promise!

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