Wednesday, November 30, 2005

American Theocracy

Ever heard of the Christian Reconstruction Movement? Me, either. I try to stay relatively current on Christian movements in politics, and I had never heard of it until today. But, in all honesty, I stay on the WAY more liberal/social justice side of Christian politics, which would explain why the Christian Reconstruction Movement never hit my radar screen. But someone needs to start paying attention to these people before they take over the world (and I am only exaggerating slightly here).

The crux of the issue is that the Christian Reconstruction Movement not only believes that Christianity (read: fundamentalist views, not principles of equality, justice and love taught by Christ) should be part of American politics, they believe that Christianity should BE the politics of America. That, folks, is a theocracy.

What would this entail, you may wonder? A harkening back to the Laws of Moses. Remember the incessant smiting that I wrote about a while back? That's right. Bring THAT into American politics. The death penalty is dealt out as typical punishment for a myriad of sins. Only men (and then only righteous men by fundamentalist Christian standards) could hold government office. All that were not Christians would ultimately be disenfranchised.

The Christian Reconstruction Movement may seem fringe... and many of their oppressive views are anything BUT Christian... but more conservative mainstream Christians are joining their ranks. That is why it is more important than ever that compassionate and concerned people join together--regardless of their faith or lack thereof--to stand up against injustice and tyranny of all kinds: religious, economic, judicial, social.... We can't afford to be silent anymore.

* This blog was written in response to the article "A Nation Under God" in Mother Jones online. You can view the entire article here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Would You Say?

I have an intense desire to post right now, yet I really have nothing to say. So this will be semi-stream of consciousness. If you are at all opposed to completely wasting your time on mindless drivel, read someone else's blog today.

I eat lunch at my desk. I do this so that I can play on the Internet & read about the lives of people I will never meet. My keyboard is white (I have a miraculous Mac G5 at work). The white keyboard is a cruel joke. Do you KNOW how hard it is to keep a white keyboard clean when you eat as much ketchup as I do? DO YOU????

Sometimes when I mean to type "of," it comes out "ov" because that is how it sounds. Thank God for spell-check.

If you are not playing the Title First game on Amy's site, I am looking away from you right now. If you would like me to look back in your direction, go here to play.

I didn't do all my reading for Bible study. I am thinking about finishing up what is remaining this afternoon. I don't think Jesus really approves of Bible reading while one is being paid to be doing something else. Come to think of it, Jesus probably doesn't approve of BLOGGING at work.... Huh.

Over and out for today, little buckaroos.

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Little Anxiety with Your Sleep?

I love it when I wake up--after one of the best weekends in a very long time--and have a panic attack about how much money we spent on frivolity this weekend. I wish I could wander my house with anxiety induced insomnia in the middle of the night all the time. Because it is incredibly productive to agonize over something that you can no longer control. Done. Finished. Money spent. Really good Amy-Kiker time had. Let. It. GO.

I hate it when I do this in the middle of the night. Because then I have to deal with it all on my own. Amy has slept through a car crashing into her house. I seriously doubt I would be able to wak her up in the middle of the night to discuss something that I can no longer do ANYTHING about.

But when I DID get to talk to her today, she reminded me that sometimes we deserve to be able to just have a good time without being anxiety-ridden. And that we have each other. And that everything will work out. Really. It always does. All of which is MUCH more logical than lying in bed in a cold sweat, shaking like a leaf while I mentally torment and berate myself.

Perhaps I should have her tape record her little pep talk for the next time I freak out in the middle of the night....

Can you imagine what I was like WITHOUT medication? *sigh*

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

By Our Love

Last evening, I had a meeting with my pastor. Sounds fancy, huh? In all my experiences growing up in the church, I don't ever remember having a private meeting with my pastor. It felt kind of like a therapy session at points. But what truly amused me is Magrey (the pastor) is only two years older than I am. I have always thought of pastors as fatherly figures. But this was much like sitting down to coffee with a new friend. In many ways, that made me much more comfortable.

I told Magrey my backstory of growing up in the church and leaving, primarily, because I realized I was gay. No one wants to feel unwanted and judged. He wholeheartedly agreed with that sentiment and shared his own pain at realizing that some of his friends at Divinity School were going to have to either remain closeted or leave the Methodist Church because they were gay. We talked about how much pain is involved with walking away from something that is so important to you because to stay would be to lose yourself.

We discussed the ways we would like to see the church grow and change, regarding gays & lesbians in leadership positions in the church. I voiced my frustration over not being able to work with the youth group because I am gay. I have been gay/out for so long that it rarely crosses my mind that I am any different from anyone else. It is simply an non-issue in my life. But, in this particular instance, it is a big issue. It was incredibly important to me to be heard about where I realize the church is now and where I would like to see it be down the road. Magrey pointed out that way too often, the church follows the tide of public opinion, instead of being a catalyst for positive social change. Jesus was adamant in his acceptance of people on the fringe of society: lepers, prostitutes, widows, the poor, tax collectors, all variety of outcasts. Shouldn't the church be a reflection of that kind of acceptance?

I realize the only way that I can hope to change things is through patience, example, and prayer. Fears and prejudice do not dissipate overnight. I have found so much good in this church. It is truly a place I can grow. And I am willing to stick with it, to have tough conversations, and to remain strong in the belief that the purpose of the church is to provide a more loving, compassionate way of life.

We used to sing a song in Sunday School when I was a kid: "They will know we are Christians by our love..." I think it is about time that the church live up to the standard that we so willingly teach our children. That it is, above all else, about love.

Monday, November 21, 2005


This year seems more like Thanksgiving than any time in recent memory. (Yes, I know Thanksgiving isn't actually until Thursday... I mean the season itself.... GEEZ, don't be so literal). I think it is because I have such an incredible abundance of blessings in my life right now. Or maybe it is that I have learned to appreciate what I have been given. But I look around at my world right now and I simply feel thankful to be alive.

On Sunday, Kris, Tony, Betsy, Lindsay, Carrie, Amy and I were sitting down to a brunch of quiche and home fries. There had been several small mishaps that morning--I think Amy ended up running to the store 3 different times for things I had forgotten; Kris managed to overflow the coffee pot twice by making coffee as thick as mud (apparently that is how they DRINK it in Seattle); and everyone was starving by the time brunch was ready because I neglected to tell them that it takes over an hour to make quiche (oops). But we were FINALLY all eating. And everyone was beginning to feel human again (after a long night of what ended up being our rendition of Dance Party USA). And Lindsay said it was like a Thanksgiving meal, because we were all together again.

And I don't say this often (trust me), but Lindsay Curlee was right. At that moment it was just like Thanksgiving (minus the annoying relatives and screaming children... but you know what I mean).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

There's a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza...

There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, there's a hole...*

Our dogs have taken so kindly to digging holes under the fence. In various places. So they can explore our neighbors' yards. Whenever they want. And sometimes, when we are really lucky, they completely escape the confines of ANY fence and can be seen running like gazelles in the neighborhood. Okay, well only Jedda runs like a gazelle. Milo kind of plods along. But STILL. Don't they understand that they are playing Russian Roulette with their LIVES when they do this? There are CARS beyond the fence. They are shortening my lifespan by at least a day every time they get out. And they DON'T CARE. Ungrateful dolts.

So, I took matters into my own hands this morning. I got up at 6:45 a.m. and proceeded to fill in EVERY HOLE they dug along the fence. Not only did I fill in the holes, but I leveled out the dirt along the fence. Now, hopefully, they won't even know where to begin with the digging. Ungrateful beasts.

There are two consequences to the early morning utilitarian landscaping of our yard:
a) we should be able to go outside with the dogs for more than 5 minutes before they escape
b) I am ridiculously wound up right now. Oftentimes, getting up early does that to me. Getting up and SHOVELING?!? Watch out folks; I am rarin' to go!

Unfortunately, because I have a desk job in which I must do EVERYTHING on the computer, that translates into bouncing my leg a lot and wondering if there is a way to sneak out of here early.

But I am holding on to the hopes of productivity... Soon. Very, very soon.

*For those of you who NEED to know the rest of the lyrics from the title, you can go here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nothing to See Here...

(Is it safe to come out yet???)

I detest conflict. I truly do. I am not particularly skilled at debating. Intelligent conversation, yes. Debating, not so much. So when someone appears (out of nowhere) on my website to criticize my faith and call me a huge hypocrite, I can get very quiet. Besides, ya'll did such a good job of defending me that I really didn't feel a need to say much. I think each of you, in your own way, said something even more significant than if it had come from me. At the very least, it meant much more to me than if I had constructed my own brilliant rebuttal.

Being a Christian and a lesbian is difficult. But not for the reasons that Wendy was spouting at me. I have long since reconciled my lesbianism with my relationship with God. And that is no one's business but my own.

Anyone can take the Bible and turn it into a weapon used to divide, to wound, to decimate someone's spirit. But when they do, they have missed the entire point of Christianity. And that is what is so difficult for me. My faith is central in my life. It is part of my every day world, something imprinted on my soul. However, my closest friends are the ones that have been so hurt and angered by the self-righteousness, and the downright cruelty, of many people who claim to be of the Christian faith. That is unspeakably tragic to me.

I am close enough to many of you to have had conversations about faith, spirituality, God, etc. And I know that the vast majority of you believe something totally different than I. That is what makes the world--my world especially--so beautiful. But this website is where I can give you a glimpse into my faith, let you know what it really means to me.... this is my place to share with you. And that is important to me.

Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your respect of my faith, although it may be vastly different from your perception of the world. And thank you for all your kind words of support.

Love, Kendra

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Need App-ee-tIzer...

I have a rather passionate crush on soup lately. That's right. Soup. It is by far my favorite choice for lunch.
The problem, you ask? I just ate two hours ago and I am STARVING. Like I never ate anything at all.

Now, the logical solution to this dilemma would be to add bread or crackers to the soup. Lovely idea. Except we didn't have any bread worthy of dipping at the house.

And crackers. Well, let's just say there was a bit of a cracker fiasco at my house this past week. It involved Angie thinking she needed to eat peanut butter and crackers in bed. Somehow the butter knife for the peanut butter ended up UNDER the pillow. And the crackers looked like a rabid raccoon had mauled the packaging. Angie dutifully put the mauled package in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. Unfortunately, they ended up tasting like I had just LICKED the inside of the refrigerator. Crackers were a no go.

All of this to say, that I am STARVING TO DEATH.... need app-eee-tiiizer...

(Note: No Kikers were harmed in the typing of this blog. Amy is coming to the rescue with a sandwich. Carry on.)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Two Noteworthy Happenings

This weekend brought about two noteworthy happenings:

1) I made my first quiche. Spinach and cheese. It came out really well, although we had to bake it about 20 minutes longer than the recipe called for. Apparently, I didn't drain the spinach QUITE well enough (even though I broke a large wooden fork draining the dang stuff). Angie helped me out with the bake time and determining if the quiche was REALLY done or not. Unfortunately, Angie could not save me from laying the back of my hand on the oven rack after the flimsy tin pan I was using almost folded in half. MUST SAVE QUICHE AT ALL COST. All in all, the damage to my person was minimal, and the quiche was excellent.

2) I walked into a tree branch. That's right, folks. Dead on into a tree branch. And several of my friends saw me do this. Not only was it incredibly STUPID, but I managed to throw my neck all out of whack in the process. Good job, KIKER!

And for my next trick....

They Have Found Me Out...

This morning, I opened my Juno email account to find that "Anonymous" had posted a comment that said:

I happened upon your place when I was looking for the words to I Wonder as I Wander.

It was a lot of fun to read. Light, refreshing, sweet.

I'm thrilled you're a follower of Christ. But I don't understand 1) that you can be a follower of Christ and be a lesbian 2) that your church would tolerate you continuing in that lifestyle.

You see, it's not just in the Old Testament. I know you're intelligent and attend Bible Study. Can you explain away 1 Corinthians 6:9,10? Shoot, just keep going in that chapter on to chapter 7. Obviously the ordained-by-God sexual relationship is man-woman in marriage. Nothing else is okay with God. Even our thoughts are subject to His scrutiny (Matthew 5:28).

So, do you think you can just pick and choose what part of Jesus you like and toss the rest back? How do you think this can be okay? I just don't get it.

I was going to reply, but then considered that there was no need to get into a Biblical debate with someone who obviously subscribes to such a literal interpretation of the Bible. Besides, I find it abhorrent that, in a world full of poverty, hunger, and injustice (which Jesus spoke about CONSTANTLY) that anyone who considers themselves a Christian would think it prudent to focus on the gay debate.

That being said, Amy searched my blog and could not find the comment anywhere. It appears in the notice on my juno account, but Google can't even find it on my blog. But here is what she was going to say to Anonymous:

Hello anonymous (very stand up of you to decline us your name)
I thought I would respond to your inquiry since I believe Kik would likely ignore your questions as a bit rude since she doesn't even know your name.

Perhaps you would look at a couple resources to continue your research project:
If you find fault in the validity of the above resource, I suspect you will not take such issue with this one:

And finally, for yours and Kiker's sake:
Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. - 2 Timothy 3:12

She continues to amaze me, that Amy. I thank God for her beauty, brilliance and compassionate spirit.

Thank you, Amy, for the joy you bring to my life.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

And Then.... There Were Meatballs.

I should know to trust Angie's judgment. For 26 years, she has almost always been right. Especially about minutiae. I should have known that meatballs would change the entire spaghetti experience. Meatballs, glorious meatballs.

I grabbed the recipe off of Good move on my part. Tasty. I do want to warn those very few of you in my audience pool who eat meat, that meatballs are supposed to fall apart when you cook them. So don't fret if you have remnant of meatball all over the place.

And, for those of you who DON'T eat meat, you can laugh at those of us who do...

It seems that meatballs cause gas. Or at least Ramer thinks so.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

I am ridiculously, bounce-off-the-wall, gloriously happy today. The quirky part is that I have no idea why.
There are several options:

1) I slept fabulously last night. I woke up once, realized I didn't have to be up for FOUR hours, smiled and went right back to sleep. Oh, the joy of knowing there are hours of sleep/snuggle time left.

2) Bible study was amazing last night. Our pastor's wife came in to discuss theology (she went to divinity school also). There are so many nagging questions that got a glimpse of an answer last night. At least I don't feel like I am all alone in my bizarre theological niche. AND we had ice cream sandwiches for a snack. Could there BE a better snack for ten adults??? I think not, folks. It was as if these people had never seen an ice cream sandwich in their lives. And the ice cream was slightly melted, so almost everyone there had ice cream on their face at one point. Oh, the unabated glee.

3) My little sister is coming in town tonight. I will be preparing spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I don't usually make meatballs. When I explained this to Angie, she said, "Well TRY." Hm. We all know that I can deny Angie NOTHING, so meatballs it is. I may have to buy her a bottle of wine, so she doesn't notice whether the meatballs are good or not.

4) I get to go to lunch with my adorable, short-haired girlfriend. Amy and I have not been to lunch together in probably well over a year (even though we work across the street from each other). So I am looking forward to this mid-day date. Besides, we are going to the Olive Garden for soup, salad and BREADSTICKS! I love a breadstick.

5) And, last but not least, I scraped up enough change for a Tall, 2% Latte from Starbucks this morning. Glory!

So, yes, happy today. Simple blessings abound.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Haiku, courtesy of Nick Brown...

I know Kendra Lee.
Her name sounds like she is black.
But alas, she's not.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Alright, Already!

I know; I know... I tease you with a post and then disappear again. But I had a conference for work. I was gone Wednesday through Friday. AND (I know you won't believe this) I was slammed at work on Monday and Tuesday. So... no post for you until now.

This weekend, Amy and I worked on adjusting to the fact that we don't have much money. It seems like the more we adjust, the less money we have. But we are putting forth our best effort. Part of that effort this weekend included drinking Busch Light. Fortunately, we have taken to adding tomato juice to our beer (don't knock it until you try it). So the Busch Light was palatable and CHEAP. It also helped that our neighbors, Randy and Digna, don't really drink... yet they had Corona that they were dying to give away. I promise you that Corona has never tasted better.

On a different note... I bought turkey dogs a while back. I reasoned that a) Amy loves hot dogs, b) these were low fat, and c) turkey seems healthier than beef. Well, that is all good and well. Except that the turkey dogs tasted like... well... like... NOTHING. At all. We even grilled them, put chili and cheese on them, and they STILL tasted like nothing. We could have saved our time and just put the chili and cheese on a hot dog bun and called it a day. Boo to turkey dogs.

There you have it folks. Yet another snippet of my life. No wonder ya'll read this. Riveting, I tell you.

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