Tuesday, September 06, 2005

At Home with the Van Weasels

On Friday, I weaseled out of work right after lunch so that we could begin our long weekend in Southeast Florida as early as possible. There were a couple glitches early on... Amy wanted me to bring the gas can, for fear of the GAS SHORTAGE. So, I obliged. But the problem was, the can was full. So, within 5 minutes the car reeked of gas. By the time I got from our house to Amy's office (that's five miles, folks), I decided something must be done. So we (and when I say we, I mean Amy) emptied the gas can into the gas tank as lightening crashed all around us. Tampa--lightning capital of the world. Amy & I--not so smart.

The other glitch... The weather as we pulled out of Tampa was simply horrific. Complete whiteout as I am trying to drive down I75. And it STILL smells like gas in the car. But we made the best of it by listening to classical music & jazz the whole way home. Oh, and calling Betsy Van Weasel about 10 times to tell her she should drive ALL the way to Coral Springs to hang out with us, when all the poor kid wanted was a cocktail at happy hour. She used her better judgment and stayed in Ft. Lauderdale. Betsy--smarter than the average bear.

Mama & Daddy took us to Buffalo's for chicken wings and beer. Amy was tickled pink. She loves that place. They MIGHT have the best wings ever. But they do not sell buffalo buffalo. (Don't ask)

On Saturday morning, Amy got to partake in Tomato Gravy & Biscuits. That stuff is crazy good. I swear, almost immediately after we finished breakfast, we met Angie, Betsy & Shanna for lunch. Amy's retort to my mom's inquiry regarding her consumption of only a side salad at lunch was, "Well, we are going to eat again in five minutes anyway. I really think I will be okay." Smarty pants, smarty pants.

After lunch, I got to go pick out my birthday present... a BRAND NEW set of golf clubs. And a bag. And golf balls. Oh, excited I am. As we drove past the golf course in our neighborhood this morning, I informed Amy that I could take a golf club to that. Must. learn. to. play. golf. well.

Saturday night, Amy & I were off to the only haunt worth going to in Coral Springs. Buffalo's. (Yes, again) But Ames & I went for drinks. And drinks we had. We think it is possible that our waitress may have been a compulsive liar... but, hey, everyone has a fault, right? The only damage from that escapade was the tab. But I will only turn thirty once (I know my birthday is at the end of the month... but I will be 30! I get a birthday month!)

Sunday, Las Olas Art Festival with the Van Weasel gang (Betsy, Angie, Shanna, Lea, Ames & me). There were dogs in dresses & bowties working the crowd. Oh, and a female dog in a visor being rather aggressively (ahem) courted by a male dog that was feeling rather amorous. Yes, we all laughed at that like we were twelve years old. After the art festival, we moved on to recreational drinking. You can fill in your own details from there.

On Monday, there was grilling of hamburgers by Chef Shanna. Amy got to enjoy the pool at Angie & Shanna's. Amy really enjoys a pool. Amy and I were trying to get home in time to see most of the Florida State vs. Miami game. But Amy got tied up working on my parents' computer (they have the weirdest virus thing in the world) until after seven. We finally made it home around eleven in time to see the fourth quarter & watch Florida State eek out a victory. Eeked or not, it is still a victory.

All in all, a fabulous weekend. Thanks ya'll, for making us feel so loved & so at home.


Blogger Amanda said...

What a fun weekend! You are lucky to be surrounded by so many folks who love you OH so much!! :) (and they are super-lucky to be surrounded by YOU!) Happy Birthday month...

2:45 PM  
Blogger betsy said...

good times indeed.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Miss Kris said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I can totally see you golfing :D

1:36 PM  

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