Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get a Grip

Because you all can read and probably have access to multiple news outlets, I am assuming that you know that a major terrorist threat was thwarted (cool word... thwarted) today. Big news. Lots of people could have died. Scary stuff. I have been thinking about it all day. And, honestly, I have spent the majority of the day just being very thankful that those that I love are safe right now.

So, what has been the buzz at work all day?


Priorities, people. Priorities.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Know, I Know...

I never call; I never write. You feel abandoned. And I can't blame you really. May I extend this post as an olive branch?

Things are good here. I am still working at The Suck Job for the rest of this week. And I am scrambling to get things done, because I have blown off, oh everything, for the past two months. The train has pulled up to Procrastination Station, and I have a ticket to hop on board.

I start training for my teaching job next week. I have very excited about meeting some adjunct/TA intellectual types. And figuring out how this freshman comp program works. It is vastly different than the program at FSU.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I promise to share more with you, as time permits.

Can we be friends again?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Roommate

Our friend, Matt, moved in with us this week. I know, I know... Amy and I just got married. You would think we would want to establish our little love nest (BLECH!) all alone... just the two of us. Nah.

We have lived together for two years. We have a lovely home. That is big enough for a family of four. You think I jest. I assure you, I do not. I can also assure you that I came into this relationship with a fair amount of debt. Matt's financial contribution as our roommate will make a much needed dent in said debt.

Besides, I have always wanted to live in a commune.

Okay, not really. But sharing living space is a fascinating endeavor.

Amy and I have had to simplify some things to make the shift in adding an additional person to our household. In doing so, Amy has created her own space in our third room. Which is important. Everyone needs their own space. Especially Ames. Trust me.

And I have spent much time trying to figure out how to feed the three of us healthy, economic meals. Without shopping at Sam's Club. But I like the idea of planning menus ahead of time. And the pressure to make something other than mac and cheese for dinner (okay, we rarely eat mac and cheese, but you get my drift).

And then there is the simple fact that Mattie is a charming fellow. One of my closest friends, really. I feel lucky to get to spend this time with him before he graduates from USF in May and takes off to who-knows-where.

Besides, since Amy saw a snake in the ferns, she has a phobia of mowing the lawn. Drastic measures had to be taken.

So, if you are in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to visit the Kellogg-Russell household. There will be a cold beer waiting for you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Foot, Meet Mouth

This past Friday, Amy and I went with a group of our friends to crash the Mary Poppins Sing-Along. We decided hit The Hub before hand, for some adult beverages.

(Look, if you were wearing a dog outfit, you would want a beverage too!)

Amy Kellogg was hanging back in front of the Tampa Theatre after our photo shoot, talking to folks in the 90 degree, 80% humidity weather... so I decided to head into The Hub with Melissa, a friend of ours who happens to be Amy's ex-girlfriend.

Now, as much as I hate to admit it, Melissa and I didn't exactly hit it off well when we first met. You know, the ex-girlfriend/new girlfriend clash. The tension between us has long since dissipated (thankfully)... but our very rocky start is key to this story.

Outside of The Hub, Melissa and I run into Julie, an old Kellogg family friend. She knew Melissa when Melissa and Amy were together, and she has known me since Kellogg and I met. Julie was also at our wedding.
Melissa and I both hug Julie hello and we all head into the smoky, dive atmosphere that is The Hub. Kellogg is still in the stifiling heat chatting someone up, mind you.

At this point, it becomes clear that Julie has had more than one cocktail. Cool. It is Friday. Get your party on, and whatnot.

Julie: (leaning toward Melissa) So, how is married life treating you?
Melissa: (looking perplexed) Dude, I'm not married...
Kendra: (looking at Melisssa in shock) Did you forget to tell us something?
(Melissa left the country for almost a year, and she was dating someone when she left. Did they get married in South America and not tell anyone??)
Julie: Well, did you get the marriage anulled?
Melisssa: (getting visibly aggitated and increasingly confused) Julie, I SWEAR, I didn't get married!
Melissa: (a light of comprehension, then something akin to panic) OH MY GOD, JULIE. Did you think I married KELLOGG. KENDRA (gesturing emphatically in my direction) married Kellogg.

Folks, this is reason number 312 to regulate your alcohol consumption. Poor Julie.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All Over the Place

Gosh, I am just all over the place right now...

At the end of August, I will begin a new job as an Ajunct English Instructor at the University of South Florida (Tampa). I will be teaching five classes (ENC 1101 and 1102).

I am so beside myself with excitement that I may spontaneously combust.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Things are going to ROCK here in Tampa tonight! We are going to the Mary Poppins Sing-A-Long at the Tampa Theatre. There will be singing! And goody bags! And costumes!*

Guess who I am going to be?!? Guess! Okay, I will tell you....

Andrew! (look for me in the Minor Characters section)

*Pictures will appear on Squirrelly or Just Salt on Monday.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are You Down with G-O-D?!?

Today, I got a call from the Director of All Things Bible Study at my church. He asked if I wanted to lead a Disciple I Bible Study course. Stop laughing. Okay, it really isn't that funny. DUDE, stop laughing so I can tell you the story!

I am incredibly flattered that he asked me to lead this class (I would be leading it with one or two other folks). And when I say flattered, I mean... well, I just mean flattered, alright? This is exactly the kind of opportunity I was looking for when I joined this church. And what makes this opportunity even more significant is that he contacted me because the facilitators from the class I took last year gave me rave reviews. These are some of the most intelligent, introspective Christians I know. That they think that highly of me ... well, let's just say that this is more of an ego-boost that I could ever have hoped for.

But I can't do it. I can't teach the class.

I am trying to change jobs, and I just don't know where I am going to land. I have no concept of what my schedule will be, what the demands on my time will be. Hell, I don't even know where I will be WORKING (let's just hope it isn't a job where every interaction with a customer ends with, "Would you like to Super Size that?"). And I can't take on this type of responsibility and flake out. I would never forgive myself for that. So I had to pass it up.

But the GOOD news is that I think I WILL be teaching a short- term class (8 weeks, as opposed to 32 weeks) at some point this Fall. This is just the push I needed in my spiritual life, which had been lagging of late. Funny how God seems to know these sorts of things, no?

And, for the record, all of that laughing you were doing earlier about me leading Bible Study ... Just because I drink and can throw a dirty word or two around doesn't mean I do not have a rich faith that is incredibly meaningful to me.

C'mon, admit it... you KNOW I would be a bad ass Bible Study leader, don't you? That's right!

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